Roasted Delights For Take Over 定让烧腊档口

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Roasted delights for take over 定让烧腊档口

Looking for ppl to take over roasted delight stall. Can sell roast duck, roast pork, noodle, chicken etc.. no restrict.. area is quite big for roasted delight, corner area. Sales is average, 1day around $400-$500 Profit is not too high around $2000 plus. Unless u can make better taste to win opposite coffee shop roasted delight. Due to manpower issue have to give up. every thing is there, just come and start immediately after paper work settle
定让烧腊档口, 可以卖烧鸭,烧肉,叉烧,鸡,面.... 咖啡店没限制. 地方够大,烧腊的档口,角头的. 营业额普普通通, 1日大约$400-500 一个月赚$2000 多, 除非你可以做的比对面的咖啡的烧腊. 因为人手问题,得放弃. 东西都在,手续办好,就可以做生意了

Can help to dismantle all item if u don’t need, take over fee will be very cheap

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