Food Stall Licence in Singapore

Published on 20/04/2021
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1) Submit complete application in GoBusiness

For complete application with layout plan and tenancy agreement attached, SFA will process the application within 5 working days.

For incomplete application and without layout plan or tenancy agreement, SFA will reject the application.

Existing Licensed Premises

If you are taking over a food stall, you should engage the main operator to ensure the previous licensee has cancelled the licence to avoid delays. Otherwise, SFA will require 2 weeks to engage the food stall licensee for cancellation of the licence.

2) Make payment after licence approval

Upon full compliance to licensing requirements and submission of required documents, SFA will approve the application. You will receive a notification via email and GoBusiness within 5 working days.

For applicants with existing GIRO arrangement with SFA, you may start business after receiving SFA's email approval.

For applicants not on GIRO, you may start your business after you have made payment via AXS or GoBusiness.

SFA will post out the hardcopy licences within 7 working days upon successful payment.

You should receive the hardcopy licence via post within 2 weeks after successful payment. If you do not receive the hardcopy licence after 2 weeks, please write in to SFA via our online feedback form to request for a replacement copy.

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