Near Chinatown Mrt/ Offices / Shopping Area *Established Profitable Hainanese Chicken Rice Stall For Takeover*

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Upper Cross Street (Near Chinatown MRT)

Established profitable chicken rice whole stall 13.00m2 for takeover. Near chinatown mrt, shopping mall, supermarket, offices. Currently selling hainanese chicken rice. Takeover party can also sell other food like roasted duck/pork/char siew, noodles, brewed soup etc. Turnover per month approx. $30K just by selling chicken rice.

Owner retiring due to health issues.

Takeover fee $25,000 nego WITHOUT SECRET RECIPE + TEACHING OF HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE but including one month security rental deposit $4500(of which $500 plate clearance charge), display cabinet, fridge, freezer, crockeries & other cooking utensils available at stall. EXCLUDING, signage, gas deposit n secret recipe in making delicious hainanese chicken rice.

If you want buy recipe only , Chef got 20 years of experiences & can teach you Hainanese chicken rice secret recipe 100% complete course, 1 to 1 teaching/hands on course fee @ $38000 (nego if you also taking over stall together)