Supplier Name

地址: 15 woodlands loop #03-31
发布日期: 2018年05月01日

海(雄记)烧腊食品供应私人有限公司 We supply and retail Roasted Delights to markets/supermarket/restaurant/food courts/distributor and even for end user, Mass order is welcome. Our Products 沙皮乳猪-Boneless Suckling pig 沙皮小金猪-Small Golden Pig 脆皮大金猪-Roasted Big Pig 脆皮烧肉-Crispy Roasted Pork 蜜汁叉烧-Honey Glazed Cha Siew 红烧排骨-Honey Ribs 红烧腊肠-Chinese Sausage 烧鸭-Roasted Duck 琵琶鸭-Roasted Pipa Duck 卤鸭-Braised Duck 烧鸡/炸鸡-Roasted Chicken 卤鸡-Braised Chicken Office tel : 67564733/62626733