Food Stall Takeover (已成交)

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Lau Pa Sat
发布日期: 2018年04月06日

Food stall takeover

- Rental 5k/month

- Spacious stall under 200 sqf

- Including kitchen space under 90 sqf

- Lease remaining 2.5 years

- Located in heart of CBD with excellent traffic from office lunch crowd

- Night traffic good mix of tourists and local office workers

- Frequent tourist enquiry of franchise opportunity if business is scalable overseas

- Offpeak hours moderate stream of tourists passing by to visit Chinatown or Merlion

- Stall unit conveniently located for both alfreso and indoor dining customers

- Located near drinks stall for spillover traffic

- Corner stall near one of the main entrances of building with heavy footfall from high visibility

- Near main road easy for takeaway/delivery orders/suppliers to find

- Existing equipment/infrastructure only 6 months old negotiable if relevant for new business

- One of only 2 stalls in the the whole foodcourt to be given 'A' rating by NEA

- Token takeover fee reimbursable upon end of lease